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Navidad - O'Higgins , Chile

Matanzas is a small coastal resort 5 kilometres from Navidad, where the combination of countryside and beach gives it character and its situation between the high cliffs provide excellent viewpoints towards the Pacific. You’ll find pine forests and small rustic houses in Matanzas, and if you walk towards the south you’ll be able to see the small Pupuya Island which is home to an enormous colony of sea lions. A place that you should visit during your trip is the Mirador, where the sculpture known as ‘Camarón’ is. It’s a mix of various scrap metal objects with a swing attached. There is also another piece which is made of bits of painted wood which symbolises a figure looking at the path.
More about Matanzas?
In Navidad you’ll find Matanzas, an exposed reefbreak which has very consistent waves. It’s a world class spot with well known waves like ‘Roca Cuadrada’, and where events like ... More information
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